Building with Ben at Rosehill School

Tuesday 31st January saw the first section of the wooden ‘flying machine’ arrive at Rosehill School.

Students from classes 11, 13 and 14 took part in a building workshop with creative practitioner Ben Thomas to help with the construction.

They all had a go at splitting wood with the extra large mallet and axe to make handles for the boxes.  This proved a an exciting task which took a lot of concentration and muscle.

There was lots of sanding to be done to ensure all the edges were smooth.

Class 11 also helped to make a stool each.  They fitted the legs, sanded the edges and of course checked they were strong enough to sit on.

Everyone also tested the first box and had a go with the wooden wing.  This started to give us all a real feel for what the finished flying machine will look and feel like.

Well done everyone, what a fantastic day!