Exciting, inclusive, and educational play therapy for SEN students!

HandMade Theatre are dedicated to creating shows that are engaging, dynamic, and inclusive. A number of our shows have been developed alongside and for children with additional needs – find out more about this here. What drives us is an understanding of the importance of allowing children and adults with SEN to participateĀ in therapy that is interesting, stimulating, and most of all, fun! Last week we stumbled across this article on a company that shares our passion! Filisia, a new startup, have developed a communication therapy tool that usesĀ music, games and sensors to support people with additional needs.

‘The company is made up of designers, artists and engineers who want to unleash the creative potential of children with Special Education Needs. They have developed Monoma, a modular connected device designed to help students train their academic, communication and motor skills through play and storytelling.’ —- could that sound any more HandMade?

It’s great to see companies like this supporting the development of engaging therapy for those with SEN.

Support Filisia on their crowd-funding here