Flying the Nest Tour 2016

On this cold and bright morning we are very excited to announce that we will be touring our interactive show Flying the Nest to festivals and schools in 2016!

This show invites our audience to sit in their very own bird nests, enroll in Hatchling College, and learn all about native birds and how to be a good birder.  Filled with a fantastic mix of music, drama, facts and fun, this humorous show brings to life native bird characters in a new and engaging way, with a visual feast of puppets, props and costumes and lots of things with which to get hands on and interactive!

The show is also one of our most environmentally friendly productions to date and features hand-woven willow nests for audience members to snuggle into and a hand-crafted bird house made by our good friends at START Manchester.

in the next few weeks we will be blogging about the rehearsal process, our unique set-design, and our HandMade bird puppets, to get you in the mood for a summer of birding! You can also read a review of our performance of Flying the Nest at Buxton Festival 2015.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hatchling College!

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