This week it is #GardenWildlifeWeek so we’ve put together 5 activities for celebrating all the amazing wildlife your garden can hold! And don’t forget to check out our show ‘WilderNests’ for some fun, interactive, theatre inspired by the wildlife around us!

Check out Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s ’30 Days Wild’ kit for even more tips and tricks: https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/30DaysWild.

  • Make a hedgehog house:
    • Check out our video below to see the hedgehog house we made over lockdown so the hedgehogs had a cosy space to stay.
  • Put out some water for the wildlife in your garden:
    • Now that the temperature is starting to rise, you can make sure that you take care of the wildlife in your garden by putting out a bowl of water or something so that they stay cool and hydrated, and maybe you’ll even see a bird having a bath!
  • Plant some flowers:
    • Some flowers not only brighten up your garden, but they’re also essential for maintaining a happy ecosystem where the bees can flourish!
  • See what wildlife you can spot:
    • For example, see how many butterflies you can count and jot them down. You could maybe even watch our show ‘WilderNests’ and see if you can see any of the animals we point out in your own garden!
  • Draw your wildlife!
    • A really fun activity to do after you’ve spent some time having a look at the wildlife is to try and draw it. Pick your favourite garden wildlife creature and have a go at recreating the beautiful patterns that you see.

We hope you have fun making your garden a little wildlife haven!