It’s World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People!

“Without theatre, there would be no imagination. Everyone wouldn’t be able to be themselves. Without stories, everyone would be bored all the time. A bit gloomy – they wouldn’t really feel very nice.” –  8 year old Joyee at ASSITEJ 

Here at HandMade, we believe in making theatre for everyone, and we have a fundamental belief in the benefits of art and culture and how important they are in child development

We believe the best ideas come through collaboration and participation – therefore we facilitate every event to be unique, tailored by those of any age who join us in play.

We are running some Puppet Making workshops THIS Easter which is the perfect opportunity to get little ones engaged in creating, get your tickets here: Gigantic 

Here’s a small snippet of some of the work we do; collaborating with children at St Andrew’s SEN School: