A lovely piece on us in LeftLion this month to support our crowdfunder campaign! They describe us as:

‘top of the charts when it comes to family theatre’

Thats a very nice quote to keep for future! Here’s the rest:

Adding to the melting pot of original theatre in Nottingham is HandMade theatre, who specialise in bringing a whole bunch of creative disciplines together to create a performance like no other…

Experimenting with unusual spaces and performing on intricately handcrafted sets, the company are top of the charts when it comes to family theatre. They gave us a behind the scenes peek at life backstage, ahead of their crowdfunder bid to raise money to develop a brand new show, How Time Flies, bringing the wonder of archaeology to bags of families all about town…

Dab in to HandMade Theatre’s Crowdfunder campaign so they can create an interactive family show How Time Flies, all about archaeology, ancient history and discovery.

You can see the whole article here:


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