#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek at HandMade

The theme of this year’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek is nature. Here at HandMade, we believe that looking after your mental health is incredibly important, and that connecting with nature is an excellent way to destress and tap into your creative side.

Our new show this year, Wildernests, is all about exploring nature. It’s a show that is inspired by our local wildlife, and it encourages us to explore the plants, insects and animals found around us. It’s about taking the time to connect the outdoors, but also to connect with others. It gets people of all ages outside interacting with nature, and singing and dancing (safely!) to encourage a sense of community.

The Mental Health Awareness Foundation says that:

  • More than half of UK adults say that being close to nature improved their mental health.
  • Four in ten people said interacting with nature made them feel less worried or anxious.
  • Almost two thirds of people said being close to nature made them feel positive emotions.

One of their Top Tips for connecting with nature is to ‘Combine Nature with Creativity’. At HandMade we understand how impactful creativity can be for both adults and children, and we encourage you to get your wellies on and get creative with us! Either through booking onto one of our WilderNests shows, or through trying out some of our Home Learning activities outside.

Alternatively, if getting outdoors isn’t possible for you, you can watch and interact with our recorded version of WilderNests and get the family involved with spotting all the animals with Suzy and Amy! Whatever you end up doing, we hope you stay creative, connect with each other, and connect with nature.

Now get your wellies on and go on an adventure!

Here are some links to support if you or anyone you know is struggling with their mental health: