NUH QMC Project.

In 2019 from July-October Creative Producer Suzy worked with musician Ben McElroy and ward B49 at Queens Medical Centre to design a series of workshop sessions for patients suffering from a varying level of cognitive impairments. The project involved research with staff on the ward, the patients themselves and relatives to create something unique and beneficial for all.

Our aim was to tackle loneliness whilst on the ward, tackle PJ paralysis-where mobility can be greatly affected by longer periods of stay in hospital-and create a relaxed and creative atmosphere where patients felt comfortable.

We worked with 6-10 patients on a weekly basis, due to the nature of the ward each week saw new patients so we worked in a way which meant that we could be flexible to the needs on the day. Using arts activities such as painting, willow weaving, singing, dancing and chair based exercise we ran sessions with over 30 patients in total.

The staff at the hospital were extremely supportive of the project and pivotal to its success. We collected feedback from patients and relatives as well as monitoring patients mood before and after sessions and on all occasions the mood had improved post session.

This project was supported by the NUH charities trust.