Our First Show – Too Many Cooks at Streets of Battle!

We kicked off our summer tour this year at Streets of Battle in East Sussex on Saturday 28th April with our first performance of the brand new show, Too Many Cooks, which is commissioned by Applause rural Touring and funded by Arts Council England. 

The festival featured a whole host of fun street arts, entertainers and performers, including our team at HandMade Theatre. We travelled there in our very handy van and the set-up worked really well for camping the night before. Our performers woke up fresh from a lovely night’s sleep in their beds!

HMT tour

As well as our sleeping quarters, the van acted as the set and back-drop for the show, giving us a raised stage to work with. We decorated the set with bunting and had many exciting props; musical instruments, cooking utensils and quirky costumes.

Battle 5

Featuring the frolics of Gary Green the Grocer, Fifi Fromage the Cheese Maker and Betty Botter the Baker, Too Many Cooks has tasty tunes, popping puppets and a lot of silly sausages. The first performance went swimmingly, we couldn’t wait to get going and interact with the audience.

Battle 2

It was a lovely town and we felt very welcomed by 18 Hours, the event coordinators. Streets of Battle was a fantastic start to our summer tour, we had a great deal of fun and we can’t wait to continue performing the show as we travel to many exciting locations. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates of our tour!

Battle 4