WilderNests is a new interactive performance for families of all ages to explore the wildlife living alongside us by taking a peek into our gardens and woodlands through puppets props and traditional music. Our wildlife enthusiasts will take you on a wet and wild adventure to discover crazy creatures, hilarious habitats and silly stories about the world around us.  So let’s put our welly boots on, tread carefully and get Wild!

The idea behind the show is ‘Spring Watch’ looking after animals in our gardens and local areas. With talk about climate crisis never far from our minds our young people are feeling scared about the future and yet so often feel powerless.  We would like to bring the focus to the local, what is on our doorsteps and where we can truly make a difference. Small things really can have a big impact.  The popularity of forest schools and a recognition of the benefits of more outdoor activities on health and well-being also fuels this idea.

The work will explore animals such as badgers, foxes, squirrels, bees, insects and hedgehogs, following their individual stories, taking us on outdoor adventures and also considering how we can support them.

The piece will aim to engage all the senses with original music, recognisable nature sounds and catchy songs and is suitable for all.

Wild is currently in research and development with planned shows for summer 2020.

For more information and bookings please get in contact.