Sailing Project at Netherfield School

Sailing the Seas with Netherfield School

As part of our on-going programme of school projects, HandMade Theatre collaborated with Netherfield School on a sailing project inspired by The Vendee Globe race. The theme was chosen by the school’s Year 3 pupils. In a multi-sensory approach to the theme, the HandMade Theatre team invited the children to embark on a story-collecting adventure upon the Flying Machine; using music, props, and dramatic exercises, the children were encouraged to explore the variety of life in the oceans. They were able to learn a sea shanty and to make their own paper boats. Through a top-trumps inspired game, the children looked at different statistics related to the Vendee Globe race, taking part in their own race with their paper boats. Following the action, the children were invited to take part in a relaxation activity, listening to whale music and sounds of the sea to wind down. The children were also introduced to seaweed as a snack and given pink prawn sweets as prizes at the end of the day.

Artists Involved: Amy Nicholson, Suzy Gunn