Sutherland House School

Yesterday marked the first outing for the flying machine to a new venue.  Pupils at Sutherland House School in Carlton all took part in their first of three creative workshop sessions.  The morning saw two action packed adventures with students first building up the flying machine out of boxes before flying to far off lands.  As we flew we encountered all sorts of interesting creatures including ghost butterflies, giant birds, flying whales and poisonous bugs.  We had to be very careful of tarantulas when walking through the jungle and also snapping crocodiles.  On flying home we were lucky to have a chief look out who helped us avoid the many trees in our path.

In the afternoon we went on two more adventures this time under the sea and the pupils discovered that ‘When you land in the sea you might get a little bit WET!’ We met lots of sea creatures including the squishy sea urchin which we found also doubled up as a very funny hat.

Everyone was so enthusiastic and the HandMade team cant wait to go back!