Thank You Letters from Parklands Infant School

A few weeks ago we were in residence at Parklands Infant and Nursery school for a Flying Machine adventure all about the Rainforest.

Following our visit we received some really lovely thank you letters from the children.  Here are just a few examples:

I really enjoyed you coming to Parklands and would love you to come back.  I thought the best bit was when we had to solve and do the missions.  That was really fun.  The reason I liked it was because solving them was tricky, entertaining and exciting! It was absolutely amazing.  I wonder what other adventures you will get up to?  I wish you came every day! That would be great.  Thank you, good bye and I hope you have a safe journey.


Thank you for letting us come on your Flying Machine it was fun, in fact it was brilliant being on the Flying Machine.  My favourite activity was pretending to jump over the hot ovens on a trampoline.  My second favourite was pretending to be a leopard. I hope you come again.  I hope you have had fun with us, you are lovely people.


Thank you for doing this for us and please will you do this again because it was brilliant.  My favourite part was when we had to do the tasks.  Me and my best friends loved it so much we played pirates outside.