The Carousel at Rosehill School

A ‘Take one picture’ project

As part of our on-going relationship with Rosehill School, HandMade Theatre joined the school for a three day project called ‘The Carousel’. The children were looking at the Nottingham Goose Fair and linking it to the National Gallery’s ‘Take one Picture’ programme, which challenges schools to use a gallery painting imaginatively in the classroom, both as a stimulus for artwork, and for work in more unexpected curriculum areas.

Focusing on Arthur Spooner’s ‘The Goose Fair Nottingham’ (1926) – an image based on a well-known regional event – we used the flying machine to explore the different sights, sounds and smells at a fair. We then traveled back in time to compare what has changed from the time of the artist to modern day.

Take a look at the gallery and testimonials below:

Artists Involved: Amy Nicholson, Inmaculada Cook



‘Honestly the best company we have ever had’ – TA

‘The session was great for the students, aimed at just the right level.  Amy and Suzy’s ability to pitch the sessions at different ability levels was very impressive’ – Teacher