The Flying Machine – Ellesmere College

We had a super session today with a group of students from Ellesmere College.  They added so many fantastic ideas to the show, really used their imagination and totally immersed themselves in their Flying Machine adventure.

We made the most of the lovely theatre lighting to create a magical outer space environment with cosmic sounds.  We walked around the set like astronauts then discovered lots of colourful alien eggs.  We had to be very careful not to take any alien species back on board with us which proved tricky and few had to be tossed over the side at the last minute.

We then went back in time to Ancient Egypt  and had a ride through the dessert on camels looking for Pyramids and treasure.  We found some amazing canopic jars but unfortunately we were attacked by some mummies and had to make a quick exit.

We only just made it back to the Attenborough Arts Centre due to some fairly major incidents including seat belt malfunction, a mummy attack,  running out of petrol, engine failure and a fire below deck.  It really was one of our busiest and most dangerous adventures yet!

Thanks to a super crew for getting us home safely!