The Horses of WWII – Remembrance at Rosehill School

remembrance through puppetry

HandMade Theatre have been working with Rosehill school on a special project focusing on Remembrance. As part of their ongoing Schools Outreach Programme, HandMade devised a week of workshops exploring remembrance through poignant and playful narratives of the Horses of WWII. Using magnificent mare and foal puppets HandMade were able to bring the Horses of WWII to life. We also incorporated traditional and devised songs in a multi-disciplinary exploration of the theme of Remembrance.

Artists Involved: Suzy Gunn, Becky Matter


‘A key Quality of HandMade Theatre has been seeing that it can link with any area of the curriculum. ¬†As curriculum coordinator I can see how you could use it to help pupils access learning, using different themes, curriculum areas as well as in a range of environment including clubs, playtime and lesson time.’ Curriculum Co-ordinator¬†