The Workshops Begin! – The Flying Machine

Rosehill’s Class 11 joined the HandMade Theatre team for the first session of the Flying Machine Project.  They were set the challenge to design and build an imaginary flying machine.

Building the flying machine was a team effort and everybody had to work hard to get it finished.  Dan added a range of very exciting controls including an alarm, a go faster button, a horn and a start button.  Kamran made a wing and attached the steering wheel.  Kyfer ensured their was an emergency kit on board and helped attach all the boxes together.  Aaron made the sails and Nicholas attached them to the masts.  Kabas made a flag to go at the front and with chairs on board we were ready to fly!

Class 11 had a very eventful first journey on the flying machine. They ensured that seat-belts were fastened  tight and everybody knew what to do.  Kamran steered us safely through clouds, wind, rain, storms and even a tornado. Kyfer was our look out and he told us where to land.  First we went back in time and saw the old RoseHill School then we went forward in time and saw robots before landing safely back at school.  What an adventure!!