Touring Dates Update!

We have now confirmed some of our dates for our upcoming tours! We are taking two shows out this spring/summer season, a return of our show Flying the Nest and our new project Too Many Cooks which we have been creating in collaboration with Applause Rural Touring and funding from Arts Council England!

Too Many Cooks
28th April- Streets of Battle, Kent
7th July- Hythe Festival, Kent
22nd July- Petworth Festival, Kent
25th-27th August- Camper Calling Festival, Warwickshire
7th&8th September- B.O.A.T. Brighton
Flying The Nest
26th-28th May- Geronimo Festival
9th&10th June- Barking Festival
30th June & 1st July-Geronimo Festival
18th & 19th August- Gloworm Festival, Nottingham

We’re really excited to work with the Applause program and to perform in Kent with them, and it’ll also be great to return to Camper Calling in Warwickshire, B.O.A.T. in Brighton, and the Gloworm festival in our local Nottingham, as we have had such wonderful experiences there before!

Events for these dates will be appearing on Facebook over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on our Facebook page to keep updated!