Train to Glasgow

This week we have been in residence at Rosehill School for a special project inspired by the upcoming Common Wealth Games.

 Rosehill School provide day education for children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders whose learning challenges are best served in a special school setting. We transformed The Flying Machine into a train and took the children on exciting journeys up to Glasgow for the Games.  We explored some of the different countries involved in the games and took part in lots of new dances, songs and activities, creating a multi-disciplinary, sensory experience. At the end of the project we held an award ceremony in honour of the Games in which the children won medals for their participation

Artists Involved: Suzy Gunn & Amy Nicholson



‘A key Quality of HandMade Theatre has been seeing that it can link with any area of the curriculum.  As curriculum coordinator I can see how you could use it to help pupils access learning, using different themes, curriculum areas as well as in a range of environment including clubs, playtime and lesson time.’ Curriculum Co-ordinator 

‘This can work for primary school, with tactile and playful experiences.. but the creative aspects allows opportunities to capture the older pupils, still playful, tapping into pupils creativity and imagination, but in a way that’s age appropriate.’ Teacher

‘I’m not sure who had more fun, me or the pupils.’ TA