We Have Lift-off! – The Flying Machine Project at Rosehill School

For all the Rosehill pupils the flying machine project got properly underway this week with each class taking part in creative workshops.

For lower school the first flying machine box came to them and was situated in their heart space for the day.  They enjoyed lots of fun group games and songs about flying. They could choose to visit the jungle or go under the sea.

All the children did really well and were able to engage in some or all of the activities presented.  There were lots of sensory props to explore and new songs to enjoy.

All middle and upper school classes came to the HandMade Theatre base in classroom 12 for their sessions, where the original cardboard structure was combined with the first wooden elements.  When operating the flying machine there were lots of jobs to be done, including flapping the wings, waving the flags, steering the wheel, pulling up the anchor and keeping a look out.  It was great to see everyone getting stuck in and working together.

We all had wonderful adventures meeting all sorts of new sights, sounds, textures and animals.