The Great Christmas Dig

HandMade Theatre invites you to step back in time and get set for a festive adventure of discovery in their delightful performance The Great Christmas Dig.
‘Join our curious Archaeologists as they journey back in time to discover the secrets of Christmas! This festive treasure hunt will unlock stories from long ago, bumping into characters from the Romans to the Vikings along the way! An original and highly interactive family show that will ignite everyone’s Christmas spirit’


The Great Christmas Dig is a unique production, which was developed at CAST in Doncaster in 2017, by HandMade Theatre’s talented team of artists, performers, makers and musicians. Adapted from their popular show, How Time Flies, they have devised a piece that gets young audiences thinking about history in the style of a magical festive treasure hunt.

Fantastic! WE loved how interactive it was. Hilarious 😊

Super, fabulous show, witty, educational and interaction for all! 😊

I loved it, best show yet, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig

Really enjoyed – my little boy with ADHD can’t sit still and never moved, loved it – excellent!

Lovely! Lots of fun and joining in – so Christmassy and clever. Thank you x

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