Drama Activities for Home Learning

As we face another lock down with schools closed here is a useful list of drama activities you can do at home.

  1. Use your body to pretend to be different animals e.g. snake, butterfly, elephant, kangaroo, frog, monkey, crab, bear, rabbit, caterpillar, crocodile…

2. Make a facial expression and ask your child to describe how they think you’re feeling: happy, sad, excited, tired, worried, shy, angry, shocked, calm, frustrated, guilty, thoughtful, cold, thirsty, unwell…

3. Role-play cafes, shoe shops, hairdressers, schools, supermarkets, ice-cream parlours, buses, travel agents, dentists, hospitals, opticians, train stations, airports, space ships, post offices, garden centres, fire stations, restaurants, campsites, garages, car washes, zoos, police stations, builders, libraries/book shops, bakeries…

4. Create the ultimate Staycation, an at home Holiday Land with just a little creativity and imagination: swim in the sea, eat ice-cream, ski, go on safari, visit a farm, have a camping adventure… all without leaving your home!  You could even pack your bag or suitcase and role play the journey there and back.

5. Grab a selection of household objects and mime using them for anything other than the purpose they were intended e.g. comb your hair with a slipper, brush your teeth with a banana…

6. Play Why are you so Late? (3 players) One person takes the role of the teacher and another takes the role of the pupil. A third person secretly decides on a silly and unbelievable excuse as to why the pupil is late for school.The teacher asks the pupil, “Why are you late?” The other child then mimes the reasons why and the pupil has to guess what they are acting out as their excuse to tell the teacher.

7. Play Guess theMime. Mime an action such as walking the dog, learning to juggle, being a fire-fighter putting out a fire, cleaning the windows etc and ask your child to guess what you are doing. Then ask your child to have a go at miming some actions for you to guess.

8. Play Charades by taking it in turns to act out a word or phrase for the others to guess. No talking – actions and gestures only!

9. Do a fashion show with your favourite outfits, or using old clothes and accessories. Can you make a special dressing up box from a large cardboard box?

10. Make a photo booth with props gathered from your household and have fun using it together.

11. Look at some famous paintings online and have a go at recreating one with objects you have at home.

12. Have a family talent show or put on a play!

13. Add sound effects when reading a story and encourage your child to join in. Provide toys, puppets and dressing-up clothes etc that will help them to act out favourite stories.

14. Interview your child as one of the main characters in a book or allow them to interview you in a role to deepen their understanding of the story. Select a character each from the story and act out some scenes in the roles e.g. Jack and Jack’s mother (Jack and the Beanstalk)

15. What would happen if two characters from different books met? Pretend to be a character from a different familiar story each and have a short conversation.

16. Write an alternative ending to a book you have read. You might like to re-write a familiar story, such as one of the traditional tales from a different character’s point of view e.g. the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Pigs. Could you write the wolf’s statement to the police or interview them as though you are a police officer?

17. Choose a character from a story and write a new adventure for them. You might wish to combine characters from different books e.g. fairytale characters or superheroes.

18. Draw or paint a picture of an imaginary place with lots of detail.

19. Make some finger puppets or a sock puppet.

20. Make a mask.

21. Make your own pirate hat and eye patch and wear them.

22. Make your own crown and act like royalty.

23. Create and perform a well-rehearsed song, rap or dance routine. Teach it to family members and friends.