Flying The Nest at Gloworm Festival

We joined Gloworm Festival for the second year in a row, to perform our show Flying the Nest! We didn’t have to travel all that far as the festival is situated in Thoresby Park. Gloworm is “the one true family festival” aimed at children ages 0-13 and has many activities on offer including:

A main stage with live music, an excuse for everyone to sing and dance (as if you needed one anyway!).

Meet & greets of characters (you get to meet the heroes you watch on television, fun!)

Animals courtesy of White Post Farm (see and pet the all different kinds of animals, both big and small!)

And yummy food and drinks (you might need it after all the fun you’re having!)

We performed on both the Saturday and the Sunday, and did two shows each day. The first was at 11:30am and the second at 3:30pm. This meant that, after the morning performance, we had the chance to check out the festival before the second show. It was so much fun getting to visit the main stage and have a dance break!

Some families chose to hang out in the nests and have picnics when we weren’t performing which was lovely. We were even told that we’d been the highlight of the festival by a couple of families!

As always, we got to hang around after each show and talk to the audience for a bit which is one of our favourite parts of performing. We had such a wonderful time and we’d love to return next year! Sadly, this festival marks the end of Flying The Nest on tour for the summer. Not to worry though, as we still have a few more performances of Too Many Cooks.