Flying The Nest at Woodside Festival Review

We have received a lovely review from Leyla on her blog named This Day I Love. She attended our performance of Flying The Nest at Woodside Festival on Saturday 16th June. She also took some wonderful photographs of our performers in action.

“We left the picturesque yet chaotic field to return to the much more organised and structured field. Towards the very back of the field was a small wooden hut which caught the girls attention. We headed over to take a closer look.



We found a space to sit, unfortunately not in a nest but still very close to one and waited to see what was about to happen.



Out of the wooden hut came HandMade Theatre company and their show Flying The Nest.



We have been lucky enough to watch shows by HandMade Theatre in the past, but always indoors. This would be a totally new experience.



In some ways I actually think the show worked better outdoors and in the festival environment. The audience were engaged and engrossed with the performance. There seemed to be much more freedom for the performers to move through the crowd and as a result there was a lot more fluidity between audience and the show.



I have noticed in HandMade performances there is a large amount of audience participation. Yet always in such a compelling way that you want to join in. The children always seem to love helping with the show and they feel a part of the story line.



I must give the performers credit as they really do make the story very engaging and will adapt to what the audience are doing too, which I can imagine is quite tricky. It is a real testament to their skill set.



Before we knew it the performance was going into the final stages. The show was almost over and the time had flown past, the girls had thoroughly enjoyed the performance.



People seemed to stay around a while after the performance too, chatting away and enjoy the outdoors. It was really lovely to see and to see the performers out talking to the audience as well.”

You can read the full review of the day here.