More creative activities for home learning!

Imaginary Treasure Chest 

Take something out of the chest and mime it e.g. an umbrella, tennis racquet, scooter, balloon, welly boots… Can you guess what object the player is miming using?


Give your child instructions like sit down, stand up, lift your right arm above your head, look up etc but they must do the opposite! 

Space Game

Say, ‘I am going to the moon and I am taking a dog.’ Your child has to guess the ‘rule’ e.g. things beginning with d, things with 3 letters, animals etc by suggesting other things you may be able to take.

Miming Fun

Give your child a simple mime e.g. getting dressed, cleaning your teeth, jumping in puddles and call out different adverbs e.g. noisily, sadly, slowly, angrily. Can your child perform the mime in the manner of the adverb? 

Miming Messages

Mime a message and see if your child can guess what you’re trying to communicate e.g. Your shoelace is undone. It’s bedtime. I’m hungry. I’ve got a headache. I’m cold.…

Super Stories


Alternate turns e.g. Fortunately I got a new rabbit for my birthday/Unfortunately he escaped/Fortunatelymy neighbour found him/Unfortunately she wanted to keep him/Fortunately her parents said she couldn’t…  

Tell a story together, my turn, your turn e.g. Once there was a…  He lived in… One day he decided to… Can you create a silly story together?

Collect 5 random items from around your home and create a short story that connects all of the items. 

Write down around 5 interesting words on separate pieces of paper and place them face down on the table. The aim is to use the words to create a story. The first player picks one of the pieces of paper; they must then use the word in a sentence to begin the story. The next player chooses their word and continues the story with a sentence using their chosen word…

Write a story a line at a time. Start your child off, for example, ‘Once there lived a little green dragon.’ Then fold the paper so no one can see. Your child writes the next line of the story in secret, then folds their bit over and passes it back to you. Keep taking turns, until you reach the bottom of the paper. Read the funny story you have created!