How Time Flies!

‘Great fun – and just like a real archaeological dig!’

Taking inspiration from the themes of archaeology, history and discovery, HandMade Theatre have devised an exciting piece of engaging, contemporary theatre for children and their families. The narrative unwraps the possible stories behind an ancient skeleton, bringing to life historical characters and engaging the imagination.

The show features a beautiful handcrafted and interactive set; designed and built using sustainable and tactile materials. The main structure is inspired by a Bedouin tent and been built and co designed by master craftsman Ben Thomas at START Creative.  It aims to envelope our audience in an immersive theatre experience.


The show is interactive and encourages our audience to become part of the narrative, participating through an exciting mix of original songs, puppetry and story telling.

In developing this exciting new work The HandMade team undertook research in collaboration with Archaeologist Carenza Lewis (Time Team, Lincoln University) and the The Nottingham Community Archaeologists.

We devise our pieces with input from children including those with Special Educational Needs, by running workshops to allow children to invest their own ideas into the devising process.

‘Love the pace, music and songs and repetition. Great for Molly, who has learning and physical disabilities. Thank you!’

The show was premièred in summer 2016 at Eastleigh Unwrapped Festival, Aberystwyth Arts, Just So Festival and Curve Theatre Leicester, before undertaking a busy national tour in summer 2017.

Join the eccentric archaeologists as they lead you through a dig to find long lost artefacts and explore the imaginative stories they hold.

This piece is suitable for touring to a range of spaces including outdoor festivals and events.  For more information and to book please use our Enquiries and Bookings page.


‘I loved the show, but loved watching my children’s faces in complete amazement!’