The Flying Machine

‘Welcome aboard the flying machine and get ready for a wondrous adventure! Become a member of the crew as we set off on a journey through the skies exploring new worlds and characters,  engaging with sensory props, stories and songs from across the globe and beyond. The skies are our limits!’

This interactive performance invites our audience to become the crew, flapping the wings, working the controls and steering the captain’s wheel!   Led by the musical Captain and dramatic First Mate adventures explore fascinating new destinations both real and imaginary.  Performed through an exciting mix of drama and song, this show brings to life your imagination and sense of adventure in a fantastic multi sensory experience.

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‘Really enjoyed every single minute of the Flying Machine, it made me feel happy, all happy, I really enjoyed it!’ Young Person

‘A totally inspirational, fully interactive experience that encourages imaginative exploration.’ Conference Delegate

‘The best thing about this show is I really enjoyed it too!’ Parent

‘One of the best experiences with children in 30 years of teaching.’ Teacher

The Flying Machine Practitioners:

  • Creative Director/performer: Amy Nicholson
  • Company Manager/performer: Suzy Gunn
  • Musician/performer: Matt Marks
  • Media Practitioner: Tom Walsh
  • Set Construction: Ben Thomas & START in Salford
  • Prop maker/performer: Emily Croxford
  • Costume Design: Emily Aherne
  • Puppet Design: Sarah Lewis
  • Ideas & Inspiration: The Children @ Rosehill School

Read a case study written by Arts Council about the original project which created The Flying Machine!