Review – Flying the Nest

A lovely review from Jayne Marling of our performance of Flying the Nest at Buxton Festival:

Buxton Festival2

‘A large audience turned up to see HandMade in the Pavilion Gardens. The set was beautifully made it looked warm and inviting and there was a buzz of excitement in the air before they began. Even the seats for the audience members were beautifully handcrafted. Ten minutes before the show the actors were wandering around the park, playing their instruments and encouraging people to come and watch…a tactic that obviously worked!

Children were invited to sit in the beautifully made nests, as it was a bit breezy most snuggled in with a grown up and looked very cosy. It is definitely aimed at a young audience and it was these audience members who stared wide eyed at the swooping birds and were the ones desperate to get an egg to look after.

We were welcomed to Hatchling College where we went on to learn many facts about our native birds. The birds were either introduced through puppetry or by the actors donning wings, or a cloak. The piece was an interactiveblend of song, dance and facts about birds. Each nest was given a bird to look after and feed and each group got to find out what their particular bird ate and got to feed them wiggly worms, mice and so on. The actors, Gareth Price-Baghurst, Benjamin McElroy and Suzy Gunn, were warm and engaging and had the little ones up and dancing in their nests. The children loved getting wet with water and goose poo and became mildly hysterical when the female bird was chasing the poor heron around the nests.

This was a fun piece of interactive theatre for young children.’