Too Many Cooks at Christmas – Review

Full of festive fun, HandMade Theatre’s Too Many Cooks at Christmas is a delight for both young and old! I had the pleasure of watching both performances last weekend at the Bonington and I enjoyed them thoroughly!

The performance is diverse and wholly interactive. For one of the performances I sat right at the back, and it was so cool to see the sea of arms chopping along to the fan favourite Chop Chop song. It was an experience that used all of the senses; we could hear the hilarious farts; sing along to the brilliant tunes; and we definitely could feel the spray from the water sprayers! I could hear squeals of laughter when the bubbles were blown everywhere, and there were certainly some interesting suggestions from the audience for what to chop up and put into the Boxing Day lunch. (I can remember biscuits being one of the suggestions!)

There were also plenty of heart-warming moments, such as when the waiters sang happy birthday to some audience members, and when Betty Botter reminded the audience to spread a little love this Christmas. And the thank you letter at the end to the waiters was a touching moment that showed the importance of gratitude at Christmas time.

Overall, the show was a hilarious and heart-warming Christmas extravaganza that you would be a fool to miss! So make sure you join Gary Green, Fi Fi Fromage, Betty Botter, and the waiters (and maybe even a cheeky turkey!) next time they’re in town!

Charlotte Aikens