‘WilderNests’ at Rosehill School

This week we took our brand-new show ‘WilderNests’ to Rosehill School as part of our ongoing collaboration with them. Rosehill is a school for pupils aged 4-19 living with Autism, and it was a pleasure to be back and to introduce them to all of our brand-new puppets.

The show began with our two smallest but most inquisitive puppets: Spike the Hedgehog and our cheeky little squirrel puppet! These two explored the outdoor area where the show was taking place and the students shared all the facts they had learnt about the curious creatures.

Next up was Hopscotch the Hare who was by far our most energetic visitor! Hopscotch warmed everyone up by getting them to do a few stretches and when Hopscotch’s song began everyone was hopping like a hare and singing along.

After Hopscotch, the playful foxes got everyone foxtrotting and engaged the students in learning about wildlife in a highly practical and positive way.

Finally, the majestic stag emerged, and as part of the multi-sensory experience the atmosphere was quietened and the puppet took centre stage. 

The students had made their own animal masks as part of the preparatory practical exercises and so they brought these along to the performances. Then, the final song became a fun sing-a-long party about each of the different animals they’d made!

Engaging with the students of Rosehill School in such a fun and creative way is something we look forward to every year and we can’t wait for our next project with them already!

For more information about our new show ‘WilderNests’ and bookings please get in contact.